Unending Winter

I’m curious as to how people deal with this kind of weather on a long-term basis. Honestly, I think I need a prescription for antidepressants. Normally, we have a January thaw of a few days which recharges everyone’s batteries, but this year, there was none, and the batteries are flashing “low”.

I am happy to have my music to work on, but even that isn’t enough. Added to all the stress in my life, I worry about my parents who have just been through the ice storm that hit Indiana and of course, are now house bound until the ice starts to melt, which doesn’t appear to be happening any time soon. Oy!

I look at the news everyday, which may be a mistake, and wonder and worry about what is happening in Egypt. Is this going to spill over to the rest of the Middle East? Is Israel in danger? Are we?

I stay away from listening to the “talking heads”, because all they do is foment more grief and worry, mostly unnecessary and overblown. This world is going through so much uncertainty, and I hope that we all survive. I guess just surviving this winter is the first step. Happy Thursday all!

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