Sopranos Can’t Sing With Broken Necks

So how would you like to spend months putting together a musical program of lieder and songs from around the world with some of the best vocal musicians you know, spend a lot of money preparing programs and advertisement done for this program, getting everyone together for a rehearsal, working on live-streaming the concert to Germany, only to have your soprano break her neck in a car accident the weekend before the concert?

Obviously, this is a rhetorical question. Of course, tenors for centuries have always been accused of “wanting” to break their sopranos necks because of upstaging or simply holding high notes longer. However, in this case, I can assure you of my total and complete innocence.

To blame was a 19-year old, texting as he drove, paying no attention to the fact that my soprano was stopped at a light and he should have been too. But noooooooo, he rear ends her, totaling her car and breaking her neck in 3 places. So now, I have a concert to put on, filling the holes as best I can with my other talented artists singing songs they hadn’t intended to do. But the show must go on.

It doesn’t make me any happier, but I do so enjoy working with PWAs (professionals without attitude). So anyone who reads this, I hope you will sometime be able to listen to and enjoy an Amocanti concert and not be worried about a soprano with a broken neck.

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