Why Am I So Gullible?

It is amazing to me when I read stories of people, usually older women, who are so easily taken advantage of and pulled into one sort of scam or another.

I think, surely this is not a difficult situation to figure out before hand. These women are not stupid, and yet they have either lost their life savings or been swindled by a marriage to a bigamist, or both!

Well, let me tell you dear friends, it is not only older women, and it is not so easy to determine that one is being swindled. It has happened to me. I have known my “friend” for 10 years, we have vacationed together, had fun together, spoken online every day (because I live in New York and he lives in Germany). And this year we had talked about getting married. It has been legal in Germany for some years, and is now legal in New York. I really thought I had found the “one”. The one I found was a swindler of the worst kind. What has me gobsmacked is that he carried out this charade for 10 years.

This summer I was left high and dry on the island of Sylt. Abandoned and, subsequently, ignored. He did not answer texts or voicemails or emails. It finally was clear to me on my flight back to New York that I had been had. Am I sad? A bit, but certainly more angry at myself. I will miss my funny little friend, but as the saying goes, with friends like that, who needs enemies. It did not, however ruin my trip. I spent 3 hours on a train to Hamburg with three delightful older Germans (all in their 80’s) who made me laugh and went out of their way to involve me in their conversations. It was, perhaps, the best part of the whole vacation.

And this setback has not soured me at all on my love of Germany, Hamburg and Sylt. I will return again next year, on my own, and will enjoy myself just as much. With a lovely little apartment, a balcony overlooking the North Sea and wonderful island on which to discover ever more treasures, how could I ever not return?

So my little “K”, despite your lies, disrespect and swindles, I remain standing, not even bowed. Thank goodness I am strong and self-sufficient. You, on the other hand, are obviously a coward and a hustler. I hope whomever you attempt to scam in this way will teach you a better lesson than I could.

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